Powerful Manufacturing Factory
19 years of focus on massage, shaping, sports equipment, the real source of the supply chain, with R&D, production and sales qualifications, original design, more than 150 independent patents, and a number of popular Internet celebrity products. Its 200 products focus on research and development, and the products are excellent and have a good reputation

Popular Products
Bald head massage
soft and smooth to the touch, suitable for all parts of the body
Telescopic hammer
easy to bend, massage on both sides, adjustable length
Steel ball yoga ring
Mostly used for home workout, gym massager ring, deep massage
Scalp massage brush
Moderate hardness and softness, comfortable and close to the skin
Head massager
No pulling on hair, smoother massage
Palace Warming Belt
USB charging and heating, ultra-thin and ultra-light

Popular Products
Meridian massage brush
Deeply stimulate acupuncture points
Multifunctional cat massage hammer
Massage on shoulders, back, joints, etc
Lumbar massager
Press acupuncture points to maintain the lumbar spine
Meridian board
Soft and durable, good effect
Meridian brush
Deep pressing force is strong, magnetic type, more healthy
Ergonomic design, effective and strong penetration

Popular Products
Palace moxibustion
Adjustable temperature, anti-scalding protection
heat-focused moxibustion
Pull-out design, portable and easy to operate
Moxibustion in a small tube
Unlimited use, moxa penetrates the skin layer
Twist disc
Split design, stable double bearing, quieter use
Fu character beat
Traditional exquisite embroidery, generous and decent
stovepipe massager
Using high-elastic anti-break material, the material is strong